About us

An established club act with strong chart success experience over the years. TOOCHI are identical twin sisters Chidi and Chinwe Adilih ( Two Chis) who write, sing and perform all their own music. TOOCHI have worked exclusively on their unique sound and have collaborated with incredible talent from the world of music and dance which has enabled them to position themselves as key independent artist players in the music industry today. TOOCHI give you their sensational creative energy and soul in their music and share experiences of highs, lows, empowerment and determination to succeed at your dreams with witty lyrics and quirky humour capturing party and music lovers with their positive essence and exciting dancefloor energy. Girl Bosses on a mission to succeed and empower a legion of others fighting for their dreams.

We created the TOOBEE initiative because we realised that we could support others trying to forge a career in music and promote diversity behind the scenes in the music industry. There were not many girls working backstage when we started out and we want to change that.
We have always dreamt of helping others to pursue their dreams in music as we know what it is like to start out in something new or need help. With our experience in the music business, we hope to guide you on your aspirational journey and hoperfully towards your dream goals..