The Toobee Initiative

Are you an aspiring artist, producer, sound engineer, manager and want to know how to work in the industry of music?
Are you ready to join an exciting initiative to channel you in the right direction towards your musical dreams? Welcome to TOOBEE / T Records, home to afrobeats latest  rising superstars TOOCHI!  Singers/Songwriters/Dancers and Entrepreneurs, TOOCHI brings you a sensational world of high Energy, Dance, Culture, Glamour, Fun and Music. TOOBEE Initiative is our home grown programme to help support aspiring young musicians/artists/creative talent to work in the music industry.

The TOOBEE initiative is about helping others to fufill their creative potential and career aspirations in music through the guidance and experience of the artist TOOCHI. As an independent artist working steadily in the music industry across Europe and Africa- identical twins Chidi and Chinwe Adilih spotted a niche in the industry while working as songwriters and performers of their self penned music. There was a distinctive lack of female creative talent backstage in the industry and the twins decided to do something about it. “We discovered that as independent girls in music, we were met with a lot of male colleagues in various areas of our career and a lack of diversity in areas like production, sound engineering, music supervision, music management etc and we had to work very hard to get our visions across. We were faced with challenges we never knew we would face just because we were females in a heavily male dominated industry. Sometimes we wouldn’t be taken seriously and sometimes we were easily dismissed because there was a general expectation of a male manager having to be around us at all times during important decision making, radio interviews and career choices. We want to change that perception and support more girls entering the industry as we know that being a strong confident female should be respected not feared and the creative talent we have to offer should be recognised and taken seriously as well. We hope to guide more girls/women who want to forge careers in the music industry with workshops, mentoring programmes and work experience to help get their foot in the door towards their journey of success.

TOOBEE is not just for nurturing female creative talent but also a place where any young talent can develop their skills in music and obtain tools to help them in their journey towards success. “We know first hand what it is like to start out in an industry you have little knowledge about but you have the determination to succeed. We want to lend a helping hand to young impressionable people who want to venture into the music industry and need some support. We understand how daunting it can be and we hope we can guide people in the right direction towards their dreams”
TOOBEE offer workshops, mentoring programmes, work experience opportunities, mental health support, guidance and tools to be the best at your independent artistry / creative career aspirations within the music industry.